Saturday, 16 October 2010

Blog title image

Here is a little info about the header image I've used for my blog, featuring Epic Imperial Guard forces moving into a mountain pass.

The mountains are made from a polystyrene former which was hot glued together, with a covering of papier mache. Trees are by a company called HEKI who make lots of model railway scenery. The scene was set up on my dining room table, with green felt as a base, onto which I placed the mountains and trees. The blue background is a towel which I hung in the background.

The vehicles are all GW Epic Imperial Guard armour - Leman Russ tanks, Chimera IFVs, a Griffon mortar carrier, and a few Sentinel walkers in the far distance. There are also some Rough Riders behind the tank column. In the foreground I have a standard 40K scale Leman Russ, with an old-style Imperial Guard commander and a guardsman.

The photograph was taken at night, enabling me to control the lighting far better. The camera was a FUJI S602, set to F11 for maximum depth of field and positioned on a tripod to prevent camera shake due to the very slow shutter speed I was using. I used a low 100ISO/ASA setting to ensure minimum noise on the image.

This was taken many years ago, probably around 2000 - 2001, but I hope to start taking more photographs over the coming months, especially as my small-scale armies have increased in size since then!

Microscopic Metal Mayhem!

6mm... micro-armour... 1/300th... 1/285th... Epic... call it what you will, this scale of gaming has always been a favourite of mine, just for the massive scope of the battles.

I've played Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine from Games Workshop right from the start, and also dabbled with Ground Zero Games' Dirtside, but things really took off when I started playing BattleTech.

This Blog will be a sister to my 15mm Mini Metal Mayhem blog, but featuring my smaller scale stuff.

Stay tuned!